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Flycart.js errors

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      Hey the flycart.js or vt-advance ajax cart is not working properly.
      Unable to get property ‘min_qty’ of undefined or null reference at line:560 on chrome Firefox and IE.I see a lot of people are facing the same issue . i scrolled through all the forum posts for related issues you have not provided any solution yet.

      i tried debugging. issue is this.associated_products[product_id] returns null on some pages but works on others ?
      on line number 560 you have console.log(this.associated_products[product_id]); which returns the object well on the home page . Works well on one of the categories but doesn’t works on some products and some categories ?
      i have all simple products on my website no grouped products used.
      i am debugging since 2 days without any solution. – add to cart is working here. – working here too. but does not work here ?

      Please revert with a possible soluion i ll edit the files myself.

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