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      1- when selecting a product in the shop, it is not automatically added to the cart, I must refresh the screen so that it appears to me, how do I solve it?

      2- Is it possible to remove the movement of the main banner?

      3- I installed a plugin to edit the quantities of a product in the shop, but moved the add buttons to the cart, how can I fix it or what plugin do you recommend?

      4- As my products are fruits and vegetables, there are several products that are sold by half a kilo, how do I make it so that my clients can select 0.5 – 1 – 2 – etc in the main shop?

      5- Can I edit the quantity of products in a row? How do I make them smaller?

      6- How can I eliminate the letters that appear on the banner when I enter the different pages. Ex: Home // Fruits. Attachment imgane.

      7-I can not change the text / language of the search engine and header cart, how can I do it? See attached foto.

      8- I downloaded a plugin that puts minimum purchase money, but when someone goes to the checkout without reaching that amount tells you that there is an error and does not say what is the error, how do I change that text? See attached photo.

      9- How do I edit the content of my account? see attached photo

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